I tell Stories with STUFF.


I utilize a wide variety of found, altered, and created objects and materials to celebrate events,

interpret themes,  or simply to tell stories, both real or of my imagining.


I feel that my diverse technical background and my inherent eye for colour, texture, and balance are

well used in this marriage of materials.

Form and Function combine with Reality and Myth, linking the technical expertise of a Craftsperson,

the aesthetic and philosophical explorations of an Artist, and the wit and whimsy  of a Story Teller.

This portfolio is a cross section of the styles of mixed media assemblage that I do. Some pieces use entirely 

"as found" materials, from the base or box, to the objects mounted on or within.   Others are created with found objects mounted atop my original photographs of found textures.

Some are very definitely visual Stories, with intended themes or messages - poetic and thoughtful; ribald or

punful (that's a word, right?); interpretations of song lyrics or literary references. Others are merely groupings of objects i feel are visually pleasing... you can think of them as 3D abstract paintings.


My work ranges from small scale works - including wall pieces that have removable wearable elements

(usually brooches) - to free-standing clockworks  and large scale wall pieces suited for mantlepieces or

boardroom walls.

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I also welcome commissions - birthdays, weddings, anniversaries., travel diaries... 

Any Life Event can be told visually. Your STUFF or mine! Let me tell your Stories.

Interested in a piece or a commission?

Please contact me to discuss purchase options and shipping inquiries!


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