*mini ART bars*

Featuring the 4th series of *mini ART bars* that I've created

- the "200 *mini ART bars* of Quarantine" collection,

made during the Covid-19 "home quarantine". 

There are also a few remaining pieces from the first three series - including the Limited Edition "Memories of Paris' 3rd series, created from mementos from the flea markets of Paris, and which include a removable lapel pin.

Normally the *mini ART bars* are sold at the shows I take part in - as a Mystery Prize - from my 1940s Mister Vendo-Pak candy bar vending machine. A surprise every time!

As the *mini ART bars* are scaled to match a 1940's candy bar, they are 1.5" wide x 4.25" long x 5/8" thick (not including any surface additions). That's 3.8 x 10.8 x 1.6 cm.

On my website you get to choose which one you'd like.

Choose 5 and get a 6th *mini ART bar* FREE! 

Each *mini ART bar* comes in a custom wrapper in a clear plastic box, and can be displayed as is or on a wall. Each bar is $20, ready to hang, and a great addition to any collection!  (*Price does not include shipping.) 

Please contact me through my contact page to inquire how you can obtain your unique *mini ART bar* today!

*mAb*Q 130:200 (STARLESS SEA - key) $SOL
*mAb*Q 129:200 (STARLESS SEA - bee) $SOL
*mAb*Q 133:200 (STARLESS SEA - heart) $S
*mAb*Q 131:200 (STARLESS SEA - sword) $S
*mAb*Q 132:200 (STARLESS SEA crown) $SOL
*mAb*Q 134:200 (STARLESS SEA - feather)
*mAb*Q 149:200  $20 each/6 for $100
*mAb*Q 138:200  $20 each/6 for $100
*mAb*Q 135:200  $20 each/6 for $100
*mAb*Q 137:200  $20 each/6 for $100
*mAb*Q 136:200 $SOLD
*mAb*Q 140:200  $20 each/6 for $100
*mAb*Q 144:200  $20 each/6 for $100
*mAb*Q 143:200  $20 each/6 for $100
*mAb*Q 142:200  $20 each/6 for $100
*mAb*Q 152:200 $SOLD
*mAb*Q 151:200 $SOLD
*mAb*Q 150:200 (Nana) $SOLD
*mAb*Q 139:200 $20 ea/6 for $100
*mAb*Q 147:200  $20 each/6 for $100
*mAb*Q 146:200  $20 each/6 for $100
*mAb*Q 145:200  $20 each/6 for $100
*mAb*Q 148:200  $20 each/6 for $100